The Birth of Raeven

“I experienced a very long 19 hour posterior back labour and 2 hours of pushing  with Eli (our first born), where we went to the hospital 3 times in one day, which ended with all of the drugs/interventions I could get my hands on (I almost made it to a c-section). I walked away feeling disappointed…. which is absolutely ridiculous and still not something I can really explain. I felt unfulfilled and, what I realised later, a little traumatised. I decided this birth (being my last) would be different.

Our beautiful Raeven (Rae) gave me everything I was hoping for. Our little girl arrived at 40+1, after a 4 hour active labour with 7 minutes of stage 2 labour into an amazing water bath, surrounded the most perfect birth team. My sister (who was at the birth along with Michael) described it best, as a “home birth in hospital”.

We were in a room away from the usual hustle and bustle of the hospital. I never saw a monitor or machine, and the midwives physically felt and timed my surges with their hands and only used a Doppler to check on bubba. When we got to hospital at 1:15pm I was having three surges every 10 minutes, but I was coping really well. I saw the midwife later who admitted me and she said she didn’t expect to see me on the ward with a baby that day as I was coping too well.

My surges were almost on top of each other and I had gotten in the bath before my head midwife realised no one had checked my progress… so she got me out, checked me and gave me a good sweep to release some helpful hormones. Karen didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask but I later found out I was only 4cm dilated but my cervix was paper thin… if she had told me at the time I would have 100% given up as it was very intense at that point…

I got straight back in the bath and after some very comical situations we had our baby girl within 40 minutes of that check at 4:20pm. The time after we had her was so beautiful, there was no rush and everyone was joining in our baby bliss. The whole experience was incredible, we felt supported and heard, and we had the most special team!”

About HypnoBirthing…

“After lots of research Bec from @themindfulbirthmovement fell in my lap and before even walking in the door I knew she had me. We were sitting in her clinic 2 days later with the most beautiful bunch of people learning how to breath our baby into the world! After the first session Michael and I were both so excited. He had gotten more from that 2.5 hours than he even got from our own first birth! (Without anything else this was priceless to me)

The HypnoBirthing Program is something I will now 150% recommend to everyone! Although I wouldn’t say I “hypnobirthed”, I used a lot of the practices, techniques and ideals we learnt with Bec.

I have walked away from the birth of our little girl feeling complete and positive and almost wishing I could do it again. I would almost go as far as to say I enjoyed it!”

A HypnoBirth Like No Other…

I am so excited to share a beautiful birth story from one of my most recent HypnoBirthing couples. This amazing mumma birthed her baby just ten minutes after arriving at hospital, and was described by her midwife as a “birthing goddess”.

“We are excited to announce that at 8.07pm on March 21, Ayla Rose* entered our lives. We made it to hospital with just 10 minutes to spare, with Ayla arriving within minutes of entering the birthing suite.  We had just enough time to plug in our salt lamp.

The first signs that labour may have been kicking off were around 3am, however things only really started to ramp up from around midday shortly after Dan arrived home early from work. When things started to get more intense I was focused on my relaxations, affirmations and surge breathing. At this point, Dan gave our midwife a heads up that I was entering the early stages of labour.

Dan was the perfect birthing companion. He kept me grounded by reminding me to breathe through the surges while giving me light massage and acupressure on my back. He kept me well hydrated and kept reassuring me everything was going well and just the way we wanted.  Being in the comfort of our own home ensured that I could really get into the zone without any interruptions or unfamiliar faces. I could get into any position I wanted and do whatever I needed to, to get through each surge. Sometimes I would lean over my birthing ball and sometimes I would stomp around the room to distract myself.

During a very intense surge, my membranes released and this is where my body really took over, I moved to the shower which provided relief during these intense surges. Things got so intense that I told Dan I think it was time to go to hospital. Dan spoke to our midwife who was amazing.  She really wanted us to achieve what was set out in our birth plan and suggested we try and stick it out a bit longer. At this point surge breathing became hard to concentrate on and I just went with the urges of my body, I starting making noises I never expected but it was just instinctual. Dan reassured me that each surge would soon be over and that soon we’d be meeting our baby. At this point I didn’t want any touch or distractions. I found that positioning myself on the side of the bed allowed me to really go with the flow and sensations of my body.

Suddenly I felt the urge to bare down, I could feel the baby coming. I told Dan we need to go to hospital. It was a few hours since we last spoke to our midwife so he called her and she wasn’t totally convinced we should come in yet, that was until she could hear me in the background going through a surge. She told us to come in straight away. 

Dan had already packed the car so it was just a matter of getting to the car (down about 30 steps) I had to do this in stages between surges. During the 3 minute drive down the road to the hospital, I had another 2 surges in the car leaning over the back seats. We arrived at the birthing suite before our midwife and all I could do was lean over the bed and go with the surges. As Dan ran off to get our bags, the midwife arrived. I told her I had the urge to push and she reminded me to remember my breathing (she knew we were a hypnobirthing couple) and started to get things ready. Dan came back and started setting up the room, he only had enough time to plug in the salt lamp.  I asked to be measured, got up on the bed and the midwife said I was fully dilated and the baby’s head was right there! She couldn’t believe it. I got back to kneeling over the side of the bed and the urge to breath and bare down took over. I started to get a bit anxious at this stage as I could feel the baby crowning, my midwife reminded me to breath and I breathed down and the head started to emerge. With the next breath my baby emerged and I pulled her up to my chest in absolute disbelief.  I had done it, she was here and we had achieved our birth plan.

My midwife called me a birthing goddess.

We delayed cord clamping and maintained skin to skin for an hour. We started feeling some pressure because the placenta had not emerged yet and other staff were asking about it. My midwife suggested she would have to help with the placenta as I wasn’t having any more significant surges and gravity wasn’t working. The placenta was almost out, and with some gentle encouragement it emerged. We went through all of the paper work, continued to have skin to skin and started breast feeding over the next few hours which went well. So, after just over 6 hours, we were able to be discharged and head back to the comfort of your own home with our newborn baby.

I really believe that the techniques we learnt through the HyponBirthing course helped us to achieve our perfect birth. We are so happy that we participated in the program and we really want to thank you Bec for such a wonderful experience. The tools and knowledge we gained empowered us in a way that gave us enough strength and confidence to achieve such a wonderfully positive outcome.

We cannot recommend your program highly enough and want to thank you again for providing us with such fantastic tools. 

*Name has been changed

Rediscovering myself, over a year after giving birth…

My daughter is 16 months old, and took her first steps last week. Although I have been waiting for weeks for her to get the courage and self-belief to let go of my hand and finally take those first precious steps… it completely blew my mind when it finally happened. In that one moment, I went from having a beautiful baby, to a walking, energetic and inquisitive toddler. I’ve had to spend some time coming to terms with this fact, and I have to admit… I have been a little bit sad about losing my baby.

This huge change has also prompted me to reflect on my own journey as a mother, and how monumental the last 16 months have been. Motherhood is a complete rollercoaster… just when you feel like you’re getting the hang of it, something comes along to slam you back down or turn you upside down. It is an ongoing journey of learning, growing, re-learning and re-discovering… both about how to be a mother, and how to be yourself. It has taken 16 months, but I finally feel like “me” again.

Although I have been working in some capacity basically since Stevie was born… it has only been the last month or so where I have had a routine that involved actually leaving the house to go to work. And for me, it’s not just ‘work’… it is something that I genuinely love to do. My business and the work I do brings me so much joy, satisfaction and a sense of achievement. I feel like a have a purpose and am making a difference. Although I get these feelings from motherhood, it is a different kind of feeling when it is work-related.

And now that I actually go to work, the time I get to spend with Stevie I appreciate and adore that much more. I am completely infatuated with her, in awe of her, in reverence of every move she makes, every new milestone, and seeing her cheeky personality shine through. Being back at work has made me a better mum, a better version of myself, and I finally feel like me again.

Now, everyone’s journey is completely different… but if you’re a new mum and still feeling a bit out of sync with yourself, I think it is important to firstly, check in with yourself and notice how you’re feeling. Secondly, start to put aside some time for you. What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy? What makes you feel alive, fulfilled, and satisfied (outside of being an amazing mumma)? When you’re ready, start to explore those aspects of yourself that are separate to you being a mum…. Because I promise you, when you find yourself again, life will be that much sweeter.

If you want some professional support to help you on this journey or re-discovery… please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Meagan’s beautiful birth…

“Our little bubba safely arrived into the world 2 weeks early on Wednesday 23rd January. Everything we learnt through the HypnoBirthing program was absolutely incredible and Jye was able to completely stand by me and our birth plan the entire time I was birthing our baby. We ended up having a beautiful big chubby boy at 3.15pm, he was 9.1pounds / 4.11kg 53cm long and absolutely perfect.

I went to hospital on Wednesday morning and I was 3cm dilated.  As my surges and early labour had been going for almost 5 days, 30 minutes apart, they decided the best way to keep baby happy and give me the best chance of a natural birth was to give me some oxytocin (6ml – which they said was barely anything and way less than what they would use if I was being induced). They put that in at 7.30am and then turned it off at 9.30am as my body had amped right up and surges were 3 in 10 minutes from 9.30am-12.30pm. I coped really well and just listened to my affirmations and calm music, had the diffuser on and was on the fit ball in the shower with hot water on my lower back. Jye was rubbing my shoulders and back while I laid in an all four position over the fit ball for those hours. Then from 12.30-2.30 I was really feeling tired and had to really concentrate on 20-20 breathing every time I had a surge, but I found myself wanting them to come knowing it would help bubs move down and my cervix let him through. Jye kept telling me “babe, you are breathing amazing… you are doing sooo well your almost there”.

At 2.45pm, an overwhelming sensation picked up and I just said “my baby is coming” and all of a sudden with every surge I was breathing my “j” breath and he was just coming, it was sooooo amazing!! I can’t believe I actually gave birth to him. The midwives were barely even there it was mainly just me and Jye in the bathroom, with the lights out, and the music and diffuser on. I found my happy space and just went with it. I had 25 minutes of active pushing and he made a very quick entrance to the world, perfect, happy and healthy and he was passed straight to me. Jye cried for an hour after he was born and kept saying “OMG you’re amazing, you are actually amazing… I am so proud of you. Our boy is so lucky to have such a beautiful mum” It was so special! We did delayed cord clamping and he was feeding and on me for 4 hours, then on Jye for skin to skin for another 4 hours. We came home 8 hours after giving birth to him and settled straight in. 

It was such a special day for us all, and as soon as I held my baby boy I was instantly in love. He is pure perfection. We were home 8 hours after giving birth and settled in so well. Jye is seriously the best dad and partner and it’s been the best way for us to approach our birth with your amazing HypnoBirthing course to start us off on the right foot. Jye said on the way home from the hospital how proud he was and how much the HypnoBirthing classes helped us both and we all did so well because of it. The midwives were so proud too, they said I did amazing as he was a very big baby for my first and I just got in a zone.”

Swayde, Meagan and Jye. Photo: Sigrid Petersen Photography

A HypnoBirthing Husband…

After having three kids in the more standard way, the birth of my fourth child was very different after doing the HypnoBirthing program.

Heath & Asha, and their four children – [from left] Cayden, Tate, Zara and Chayce

I found that the HypnoBirthing program gave me, personally as the father, more purpose in the birthing process. We were able to formulate a birth plan, and I was able to communicate one-on-one with the midwives and doctors, which gave me something to do. In previous births, I would be reading the Herald Sun in the corner of the room or walking up toMcDonald’s to fill in time. But the HypnoBirthing process was more hands-on, and I learnt so many strategies and techniques to support Asha through labour.

The birth was a lot calmer from the beginning, and we were able to stay at home for a lot longer in those earlier stages of labour. This made the whole experience a lot better for Asha and myself.  We stayed at home for five and a half hours before going to the hospital, and that was due to all of the techniques that we were taught in the program, the hypnosis and relaxation scripts, the massage techniques, visualisations and breathing strategies.

We were fortunate enough to go to a hospital that were very open to the techniques that we wanted to use. The lights were dimmed, voices were lowered, and they communicated with me rather than withAsha. We implemented our birth plan and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Once Tate was born there was three hours of skin-to-skin contact, and we were left alone to bond as a family. After that time, Asha was able to have a shower and we walked as a family down to our room. The midwives were amazed at how good Asha looked, and how calm both her and the baby were. Even now, two and a half weeks later, Tate is calm and sleeping, a totally different baby to our other three. I don’t know if that has anything to do with HypnoBirthing, but we definitely believe it does. Asha’s recovery, in comparison to what she went through for her previous birth, was extremely quick… a lot quicker than with Zara.

All in all, completing the HypnoBirthing program was a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to everyone. It is a bit outside the box, but it challenges the normal medical practices and puts the decisions back in to your hands. It empowers you as a male in particular, and empowers the mother who is going through a very special time that should be cherished. Birth is something that isn’t scary of fearful, it should be something that you look back on as an enjoyable experience, and so it should be.