Rebecca Black

Psychologist BAppsSc (Psych) (Hons), MCounsPsych

Meet Rebecca, the heart and soul behind The Mindful Birth Movement.

As a dedicated psychologist, Rebecca brings a wealth of experience, working seamlessly with clients on an individual, group, and organizational level. Her counselling expertise spans a spectrum of backgrounds and concerns, from anxiety, depression, and grief to trauma, stress, and family dynamics. By incorporating evidence-based approaches and fostering strong therapeutic connections, Rebecca empowers clients to navigate challenges, enhance their quality of life, and discover a profound sense of fulfillment.

Beyond her work in prominent organizations like Victoria Police and The Department of Justice, where she conducted comprehensive assessments and spearheaded mental health initiatives, Rebecca uncovered a newfound passion for pregnancy, birth, and the early stages of life. This personal journey ignited a special interest in supporting women throughout their perinatal experiences.

Understanding the myriad challenges women face in conception, pregnancy, and motherhood, Rebecca firmly believes in the transformative power of warm, non-judgmental, and compassionate support. With a genuine dedication to making a significant difference, she walks alongside women on their unique perinatal journeys, offering a comforting presence that goes beyond the clinical.

Welcome to a space where professionalism meets genuine care—Rebecca’s commitment to creating a mindful and supportive environment shines through in every aspect of The Mindful Birth Movement.

Please note: Rebecca is not currently accepting new clients.

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