Violet Sheena Wigley

HypnoBirthing Practitioner

Violet is a dedicated professional committed to providing support and empowerment to mothers, partners, couples, and families throughout their birth, postpartum, and life journeys. With a passion for helping individuals build happy, fulfilling, and joyful lives, Violet brings a wealth of experience and creative tools to her work.

Along with her HypnoBirthing qualifications, she is also a postpartum doula & breastfeeding supporter, Qigong practitioner, and a birth story medicine practitioner.

Recognising the importance of utilising effective and evidence-based approaches, Violet focuses on deepening self-understanding and providing a healthy avenue for growth and healing in all aspects of her work. She finds joy and fulfilment in sharing experiences, resources, and empowerment tools that enable individuals to navigate challenges and hardships with ease while fostering a healthy understanding of emotions.

Violet’s journey into her current work stems from personal experiences, including serious health challenges during her previous career in design and construction, as well as her miraculous recovery and subsequent pregnancy. Her hardships, coupled with her experiences in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, have led her to specialise in HypnoBirthing, Postpartum empowerment, birth trauma, Qigong, and various other modalities.

Having relocated from the U.K. to Melbourne with her family, Violet offers 1:1 and group workshops in modern Qigong, Birth Empowerment, Acupressure for Labour, Postpartum In-home Doula Support, Breastfeeding and Postpartum Empowerment Workshops, and Creative Healing with Art via her own business. She is also trained in Birth Story Medicine, supporting parents in making positive shifts from unresolved parts of their journey through pregnancy, birth, or postpartum with solution-focused work, following Pam England’s teachings.

Violet firmly believes that we all possess the answers we seek on our journeys; we just need to open ourselves to exploring the mind and heart. Recognising the importance of a supportive community, she believes in the power of connection, sharing, love, and growth as fundamental aspects of our existence, bringing meaning and purpose to life.

Excited to be a part of The Mindful Birth Movement team, Violet offers the HypnoBirthing series with the goal of enhancing not only birth and postpartum experiences but also empowering individuals in all aspects of life, aiding in self-discovery and fostering love and joy.


The cost of a consultation with Brielle is $150, which is payable at the end of the session. 
Medicare Rebate: Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling via a referral from your GP
(if you are currently pregnant or have been pregnant in the previous 12 months; $64.80)

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You are enough
You are strong
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