A Beautiful Mumma Returns

This amazing birth story is from one of the first mumma’s I ever taught HypnoBirthing to. She returned for a HypnoBirthing Refresher session and had a beautiful birth. It honestly makes me so happy to share such wonderful birth experiences, and I feel so blessed to be able to support women through not only one, but sometimes two births.

“I honestly couldn’t be happier with how my birth went. It was nothing short of perfect. 
I had my first surges at around 8pm. I remember when I was putting Stevie to bed at about 7 I felt some slight period type pain and I panicked thinking ‘oh no I think this is the start of labour’ and got really anxious. 

But then at 8pm when I really thought this could be it, I completed a ‘fear release’ hypnosis and it totally changed my mindset. I then listened to the rainbow relaxation and the birthing affirmations and then I was absolutely set and in the zone. I was pretty much on cloud 9 with excitement that this could be it and I would be meeting my little baby soon. I was still concerned about tearing and what would happen (I had 3C tearing, haemorrhaging and retained placenta last birth) but it wasn’t my focus anymore it was just a little thing in the background. 

I had a shower, strapped the TENS on, got myself sorted, started bouncing on the birth ball and practiced different positions through each surge to see what felt best. I found leaning my hands onto the wall and swaying my hips side to side really helped. I now not only felt like an elephant but I looked like one too!

I continued in this position and my surges were between 1.5-3 minutes apart, but I knew they weren’t intense enough yet to go to the hospital but it was also hard to tell. By 1am I knew it was ramping up so the grandparents came over and off we went to the hospital, arriving there at 2am. 

I felt very in control the whole time and repeated my affirmations in my head through some more intense times. 

Once we got to the hospital I immediately relaxed as I then had no concern of not making it in time and knew i would have the help I needed to get our little baby out nice and gently. 

My midwife was amazing. She only said what she needed to about any potential interventions. There was no over the top monitoring and she suggested positions once she watched what my body was naturally gearing towards throughout my surges. I was on my knees on the bed with my chest resting on the head of the bed which was really helpful and much better than being on my back. I stayed like this til our little girl entered the world.

Our midwife coached me through the later stages of my surges and in 4 pushes, two breathing only and two pushing, our little Addison entered the world with her head still in the sac and very happy at 3:40am. Rick caught her and then passed her underneath me and up to my chest and we found our way over to the bed to lie down to enjoy some time together with her having her first feed and delayed cord clamping. 

I can’t describe just how happy and the relief I felt when she arrived. I’m not saying it didn’t hurt. But it was still so magical and amazing.

I went from being an elephant at home to a cow in the birthing suite as I can only describe my noises as cow like. To top it all off I had no tearing, no stitches, needed no episiotomy or pain relief apart from my TENS and was able to birth in a position that felt the best to me. After being advised throughout my pregnancy that I would most likely need to birth on my back and have an episiotomy, this was such a big win. 

The staff at the Angliss for both births were amazing. But this birth was more magical than anything I could have hoped for. I think the best thing was getting the HypnoBirthing Refresher session. Bec was amazing – she supported me to work through fear I had from my first birth via a hypnotic fear release, as well as working through a plan specific to me. It helped so much more than I thought it would. I thought I was already feeling pretty ok but Bec was fabulous at switching my thinking from what I didn’t want to happen to what I did want to happen and it changed everything. 

I can only wish that everyone’s birth experiences are as great as mine was. Thank you for giving me confidence, control and the tools I needed for this gift.