Do you want to let go of your fear of labour, and instead feel confident, knowledgeable and empowered to achieve the birth of your dreams?

Does any of this sound like you?

Imagine if someone could give you all of the information you need to know about birth and teach you some amazing skills to cope with the intensity of labour, so you go into this incredible experience feeling prepared and confident!

The HypnoBirthing Program is everything you need to prepare for your birth experience, and so much more…

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“While you cannot completely control how things will go… knowledge is power and mindful preparation for your birth can truly impact how it goes and how you feel afterwards. 

HypnoBirthing was so beneficial in helping us find that knowledge, remove a lot of fear to make way for calm and was just such a huge tool for us, both during my pregnancy and birth, and even now postpartum.”

– Emma

When you join our HypnoBirthing Program, we’ll teach you:

What’s inside the program?

Learn about labour & birth

Create a toolkit for labour

Go Above and Beyond

How is the program delivered?

What is the investment?

The program investment ranges between $597 and $697.

Once you have completed the booking form, you will receive an email confirmation with your invoice.

A $150 deposit needs to be paid within 24 hours to secure your booking.

Please note: T&C’s apply – dates subject to change, minimum three couples per group program and face-face classes may change to online.

2024 cOurse dates

monday 8th July

Runs for 5 consecutive weeks

Time: 6.30pm – 9.00pm AEST
Dates: 8th July – 5th August
Practitioner: Violet
Format: In-person, Heathmont
Cost: $697
Availability: FULL

wednesday 10th july

Runs for 5 consecutive weeks

Time: 6.30pm – 9.00pm AEST
Dates: 10th July – 7th August
Practitioner: Steph
Format: Online
Cost: $597
Availability: FULL


Runs for 5 consecutive weeks

Time: 6.30pm – 9.00pm AEST
Dates: 20th August – 17th September
Practitioner: Violet
Format: In-person, Heathmont
Cost: $697
Availability: THREE SPOTS LEFT

hypnobirthing refresher*

* For past clients who have completed the full program

Time: 10am – 12pm AEST
Date: Sunday 30th June
Practitioner: Bec
Format: In-person, Heathmont
Cost: $175
Availability: FULL

book a private hypnobirthing program

If you want to do the program privately, we can support you to learn everything you need to feel calm, confident and empowered for labour and birth. Facilitated across two days (usually a fortnight apart), at either your home or our practice in Heathmont OR over 5 weeks online.

Cost: $1097

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is facilitated across five weeks (5x 2.5 hour sessions). Outside of the program, it is expected that you commit to approximately 1-2 hours per week to complete the homework and practice labour techniques.

We recommend you complete the program anywhere between 20 and 34 weeks pregnant. The earlier you get started, the more time you have to practice all of the techniques, and if you’re a bit later in your pregnancy all of the information will be fresh in your mind as you get closer to your birthing day. As long as you’re past 20 weeks, usually couples just pick the dates that work best for them.

I am a little bit biased, but I think everyone would benefit from doing a HypnoBirthing Program. Whether it is your first baby, or third… whether you’re birthing at a hospital, or at home. If you are having a VBAC or carrying multiples, there is so much value in the program and it can support everyone to prepare for a positive birth experience.

Yes – HypnoBirthing is not just about the birthing woman, it is also for your partner. They play such an important role throughout the birthing experience. Often the partner can feel quite lost and scared during the birth, but this program teaches them how to stay calm, advocate for your birth wishes, and support you through labour – so they play an important role on your birthing day. If you don’t have a partner, that is totally okay too. You can bring along your birth support person – this might be your mum, sister, friend or even a student midwife!

If you decide you don’t want to do our course anymore, once we’ve gotten over the disappointment, we’re happy to refund your payment if you give us 14 days notice or more (minus your non-refundable deposit of $150). This is to cover us in case we can’t fill your now empty spot in time. If you decide you no longer want to complete the course within 14 days of the commencement date, unfortunately we are unable to provide a refund.

We do have a Money Back Guarantee. We are so convinced about the awesomeness of this program, that we have a hard time believing anyone wouldn’t love it. BUT, at the conclusion of the program, if you or your partner didn’t find the course worthwhile, we’ll be surprised but happy to refund your payment less the $150 non-refundable deposit. 

If classes cannot occur in-person (e.g. during a COVID lockdown), the sessions will transition to online. I can assure you that you will still receive everything you need to prepare for your birth, the only difference is you can do it in your PJ’s from the comfort of your own home!

We do have a Money Back Guarantee. We are so convinced about the awesomeness of this program, that we have a hard time believing anyone wouldn’t love it. BUT, at the conclusion of the program, if you or your partner didn’t find the course worthwhile, we’ll be surprised but happy to refund your payment less the $150 non-refundable deposit. 

Still not sure?

Click below to receive our Mindful Birth Toolkit, a 5-part email series with a range of tips and information to help you prepare for a positive birth experience. 

You can also schedule a free birth consultation call to see if the program is right for you.

My Story

I’m Bec, Psychologist, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, and mumma to two beautiful girls – Stevie & Aubrey. 

When I first fell pregnant with Stevie, I was terrified of giving birth. 

My plan was to have all of the drugs and honestly thought it was going to be a traumatic experience. And then I discovered HypnoBirthing and it completely changed how I felt about labour. I was prepared, confident and empowered to have a natural birth. 

Let’s be honest though, nothing goes to plan. 

When I went into labour just before 35 weeks pregnant, I was blown away when all of my HypnoBirthing preparation helped me stay calm and in control and I went on to have a really positive birth. Second time around, I was expecting things to be pretty cruisy as I was now a HypnoBirthing expert… but once again, things didn’t go how I expected and I ended up with an emergency c-section.

So basically, I’ve done it all and I can confidently say HypnoBirthing is a complete game-changer – it will help you feel prepared and confident, regardless of what turn your birth takes. 

I would love to support you on this incredible journey. It breaks my heart to know that one in three women describe their birth as traumatic, and it is my vision to support as many women as possible to have an empowering, beautiful birth so that they can transition into motherhood feeling strong, confident and like an absolute goddess. 

You can do this, even if…

Your budget is tight

Trust me, I totally understand that having a baby is an expensive time in your life. That said, I also believe that we often buy a lot of things we don’t need, and feel like we need to invest in expensive prams, breastfeeding chairs (FYI, I think I’ve used my breastfeeding chair twice) and other ‘important’ baby items.

I can tell you without a doubt, the best investments you will make are towards your birth experience (this is a day you will remember for the rest of your life), as well as postpartum support (e.g. lactation consultant, postpartum doula, meal deliveries).

To confirm your place in one of my programs, all you need to do is pay a $150 deposit, with the remaining payments due 3 and 1 weeks before the program commences. If needed, I am also happy to develop a payment plan that works for you.

Your partner isn't on board

Basically every partner who has attended my program has turned up saying “I am here because she wanted me to come”, and by the end of the program they are raving about how amazing it was.

All you need to do is get them through the door, and I’ll do the rest. This program is just as important for partners in feeling prepared and confident on your birthing day, and this program helps them know exactly how to support you, rather than feeling helpless and scared.

You think HypnoBirthing sounds weird

People are often a little bit sceptical about the term HypnoBirthing.

I usually reassure people that the program I teach is evidence based. As a psychologist, I place a lot of importance on ensuring the services I provide are grounded in evidence. HypnoBirthing is no exception.

Studies show that when a woman feels relaxed, safe and supported through childbirth there is a 50% reduction in c-section rate, 25% shorter labour and significant reduction in medical intervention.

So yes, HypnoBirthing sounds strange, but it works.

I hope you have all the information you need to make a decision about working with me. I would love to support you to prepare for a positive birth experience, and I only have limited spots available in my HypnoBirthing Programs. So if you want to go ahead and secure your spot, click the button below to book in!

If you’re not 100% sure whether this program is the right fit for you, feel free to send me an email at rebecca@themindfulbirthmovement.com.au and let me know what’s holding you back.

I can answer any final questions or concerns you have, and let you know if I think you’re a good fit for HypnoBirthing!

I can’t wait to support you on this incredible journey of pregnancy and birth!

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