A Beautiful Homebirth

“At 36 weeks pregnant I had an emotional week, my husband was not allowed to attend my growth scan for a double vessel cord, someone ran up the back of my car and I was late to my check up, a trip to the hospital to make sure baby was ok, having to arrange getting my car fixed, and to top it off on Sunday my husband went for a bike ride, at his usual place, and he slid and broke his leg, dislocated his ankle and ruined all the ligaments. Surgery for 5 pins and a plate later he was in an incredible amount of pain. After a night in hospital, post surgery when I was able to pick him up we both started to realise any and all plans in the coming weeks were going to need to be adjusted. Including the arrival of our daughter.

Early in my pregnancy I knew this time I wanted a different experience (for baby number three), so I would need to take a different approach. I was told about Bec by a friend and we chatted and hit it off immediately. I dragged hubby to an Information Night and we signed up for HypnoBirthing classes. I am a believer that our bodies are incredible and we can birth our babies naturally most of the time. I loved the practical approach to the class so hubby knew what he could do to help, and I knew I had to do some reframing and prepare my mindset for our babies arrival, after my two previous births.

Two days after my husbands accident we both woke and looked at each other and said we need to talk about our birth plans. He is unable to walk or drive, I didn’t have another person on the same wave length to take me to hospital and I honestly couldn’t imagine bringing our child into the world without him. We had done the prep work to get through it together and I couldn’t deny him seeing his daughter born. We both knew a homebirth was the best option for us. No driving, like minded support people and family around to help.

Part of me was excited and part of me was terrified about having a homebirth. I called Bec and we talked though it all. I had birthed 2 boys (now aged 7 and 9) but I had had an epidural in both labour’s, one very needed and the other out of fear from my first experience. So taking the option of an epidural away, which had safely helped me welcome my boys, was scary. I planned to have a natural birth, but I knew at a hospital it was an option if I needed it. At home I would have to make it through myself, and if anything went wrong I’d be leaving my husband at home and my one support person (thanks COVID-19) would be a midwife I’d met mere days/weeks before not 8-9 months like most people with a private midwife.

Still this was our decision and it felt like the right one. At 37 weeks pregnant I booked a home birth. I told only a handful of people, I needed all the positive vibes, support and love around me. Bec reminded me of the fear release, all the work we’d been doing and helped me see I’d made an informed and empowered decision.

On June 25 at 40+3 I went into labour spontaneously starting with 10-20min contractions. I meditated, breathed and began my labour calm and excited to meet my baby. My husband and I laughed, kissed and he did light touch massage and juggled my bottom and lower back to release tension and help me move through labour.

I walked, moved my hips and used the birth ball to keep my pelvis open, let gravity assist and waited for baby to descend. At around 10am my hubby contacted the midwives as I was having regular and intense surges. I was doing well but with my husband being quite limited in how he could help physically it was time for some practical assistance. I enjoyed a long time in a hot shower, the water felt amazing. I would have to hop out to fill the birth pool, so as I felt I was progressing well I did. Then we realised the equipment I got wasn’t going to work, the pool was not an option but I didn’t care.

I was fine in the shower and with so much change in my life I had taken on the affirmation – “everything will happen as it should” and my husband reiterated this to me calmly when I needed reminding. I surrendered more than I ever have before. The intensity of the last hours was immense, I didn’t know if I was capable. Once back in the shower I found it hard to be calm, I roared and groaned. I put my needs first, which meant no heart beat monitoring as I needed to have space and be still. I planned to gently breath my baby down but within 2 very intense contractions she was crowning. My lovely midwives asked me to slow my breathe, to feel her and to guide her slowly out whilst supporting her head. Still in the shower, my husband just outside and a midwife with me, her head gently arrived, then a push was needed to get her shoulders out and I caught my baby girl in my arms in our shower as my husband watched.

I held her elated, ecstatic, emotional and incredibly proud we had our baby safely and together. I used all the skills I learned, breathing, positions, affirmations and visualisation. 14 hours of labour, in our home we safely welcomed our baby.”