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Motherhood is hard!

We have been told a lie about motherhood – that it should come naturally and easily, that we should be able to do it all and love every minute, that we should be completely selfless and live for our children. We have been conditioned to believe these things, but they are unrealistic and unachievable…

we can help you stop:

And start:

We want to support you on this journey… because we know you probably feel like there is something missing. 

We want to help you to let go of the guilt and anxiety, move past the dark cloud that’s over your head, the busyness and overwhelm you might be experiencing. 

We want to let you in on a little secret.

The difference between where you’re at now and getting to a place where you feel calm, confident and empowered on your motherhood journey, is taking the leap of faith and reaching out for support.

Standing up and saying, ‘actually – I want more

Perinatal Counselling & Psychology

If you find yourself on the perinatal journey, whether it be in the planning stage, pregnancy or postnatal period, you are likely to come up against challenges, stressors or difficult experiences. What you are going through is totally normal. However, how you deal with it and who you go to for support can make a big difference in how you cope with those challenges.

Here are some of the common challenges that we have supported women through:

We can support you in a multitude of ways, whether that be to hold space for you and deeply listen to your experiences, to help you explore possible solutions or actions, or to help you gain insight and awareness of what is really going on for you.

We believe that you are the expert of your life, but sometimes we all need a bit of support and guidance. Here at The Mindful Birth Movement, we help you overcome your obstacles to become the best version of yourself and harvest the life you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our appointments are 50 mins in length in which the fee is:

Rebecca – $220 per session

Jane – $195 per session or $245 for an in-home session (conditions apply)

You can utilise a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) with Rebecca or Jane.

A MHCP enables you a rebate from Medicare for each session, up to 10 sessions per year. Your first referral is for 6 sessions, and a second re-referral for an additional 4 sessions.

The amount of money you receive back from Medicare is:

Rebecca (Psychologist): $93.35

Jane (MH Occupational Therapist): $82.30

Rebecca (Psychologist – MHCP): $92.35
Jane (MH Occupational Therapist – MHCP): $82.30

Private Health Fund = must have extras and is dependent on their policy; ask them to check.

Rebecca – extremely limited appointment times

Jane – Monday’s and Tuesday’s

YES! We do telehealth appointments, via Zoom. 

Benefits of Telehealth:

  • From the comfort of your home or during your lunch break at work

  • Reduces travel time for you and can make it easier with a baby / toddler.

  • As we are providing a counselling service, we can complete a full assessment online just like in person. Research indicates that treatment is just as effective via Telehealth compared to in-person.

Our address is Suite 2, 97 Canterbury Road Heathmont.
We are located in the Heathmont Shops on Canterbury Road. We are opposite the IGA supermarket and Chapter Too cafe (at the Bayswater end of the village).
Parking is out the front, via the service lane (with one or two hour parking spots available).
We are located upstairs.

Your first appointment is all about getting to know you and understanding your concerns. 

This appointment is mainly to assess what’s happening for you, and to outline a plan moving forward.

Your clinician will usually begin working with you in the following sessions, with suitable strategies and therapy based on the first meeting.

You don’t need to bring anything, however you might find it help to bring a notebook or journal to write down your thoughts during your session.
This varies depending on your situation, however research shows that consistent and regular sessions with your clinician gets you the best outcomes. Our clinicians will generally see you every week or fortnight initially, and then this may extend as you progress through your journey. Please speak to your clinician at your first appointment if you have any questions or concerns.
In order for you to get the most out of your appointment, we recommend that only Babes in Arms attend with you. This helps you to focus and be able to immerse yourself throughout the whole session.
Bringing your new baby also helps your clinician to see the connection and bond between the two of you, and is highly encouraged.

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You are enough You are strong You are valued

You are enough
You are strong
You are valued