Stephanie Cerquarelli

HypnoBirthing Practitioner

Steph is a mother of 2 boys, a wife, a business partner and has a passion for all things pregnancy & birth. She followed her passion which lead her to become a HypnoBirthing Educator.

Her 3 year journey to becoming a mother came with a few hurdles, including infertility & a miscarriage, but these all enabled her to gain a strong understanding and appreciation for the mental, emotional & physical efforts the body can go through to become a mother.

Steph went through shared care with her GP & midwives and her pregnancy went well. She prepared herself by practising her breathing techniques daily and allowing her body to become familiar with the calm and relaxed nature she wanted to bring to her labour and birth. Steph experienced higher than normal blood pressure toward the end of her pregnancy and she was advised to book an induction which she politely declined after making an informed decision. She went into spontaneous labour the night before 40 weeks. Spending the night listening to calm music and focusing on her breathing, Steph was able to trust her body and allow it to progress naturally. Once arriving at hospital fully dilated, she breathed her son earthside within an hour and a half and he even surprised everyone by being born en caul.

Believing that conception may take a while, Steph’s second pregnancy was a surprise when her first son was only 6 months old. Her model of care this time was with The Midwifery Group Practice at the Angliss Hospital. Steph had continuity of care and was supported by the same midwife who held similar beliefs and values regarding pregnancy & birth. Again, she trusted her body and all went smoothly. Steph prepared the same way for this second labour and birth. Knowing how amazing & empowered she felt after her first birth, she wanted to recreate it as much as possible. She went into labour a few days prior to 40 weeks and listened to her body and what it needed; staying calm, breathing and watching her favourite movie to fill her body with the endorphins it needed to progress. Her husband returned from work and stayed close by to support her when she needed him. When feeling the pressure in her body change, they hopped in the car and were en route to the hospital. On the way Steph’s water broke and things progressed very fast. Her body took over and the Natural Expulsive Reflex occurred. While pulled over in a bus stop half way to the hospital, Steph & her husband worked together and birthed their baby boy Tanner safely, calmly and without complication.

Steph has such an intimate understanding of the birth process and what a woman needs to do to prepare for the most amazing day of her life. She loves supporting women on this beautiful journey and teaches HypnoBirthing with passion and deep knowledge from her own personal experience.


The cost of a consultation with Brielle is $150, which is payable at the end of the session. 
Medicare Rebate: Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling via a referral from your GP
(if you are currently pregnant or have been pregnant in the previous 12 months; $64.80)

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