A Positive Induction Birth Story

A special thank you for this incredible mum sharing her birth story so openly and vulnerably. Birth is an epic journey where we are pushed to the edge of what we are capable of, and return with a baby in our arms. I am so proud of this incredible mum for her strength and determination and am so blessed that I could support her in this space.

“Lucas arrived on Tuesday morning at 7:21am after a 22 hour labour.

My labour experience was nothing like I wanted and had planned but at the same time, the education I had from your course helped me to feel informed about our experience and what was happening and overall I’ve come out the other side feeling positive.

On Sunday 3rd, I was induced via the balloon. This was uncomfortable but not too bad. I used my breathing techniques during the insertion. The balloon was removed 12 hours later at 5:30am Monday morning. Unfortunately, my cervix was still long and closed (essentially making it a failed induction). At 9:00am, they decided to give me the cerdavil tape. This sent my body into almost immediate surges. By 10:30, the tape needed to be removed. They deemed me 2cm dilated at this point. They then broke my waters and it was game on from there. The hospital wanted to put the cannula in me and start the drip. I declined to see how my body would respond.

I was labouring with consistent surges for 4 hours without assistance from a drip. By this point I requested to be checked. I had dilated to a 3 in this time. My surges became more intense. Due to the cerdavil, I had no breaks in between surges from the moment they began. They came hard and fast every minute to 2 minutes and lasted about 45 seconds each time. This became tiring on my body.

I used my tens machine, breathing techniques, positions and affirmations to get me through. I got through another 2 hours by listening to the tracks. Unfortunately, due to the induction, I needed to be constantly monitored. The monitors also had to be wired as they only had one wireless set (this was already being used). I kept my mindset and made the most out of the situation.

Another 4 hours in (10 hours into labour total), I asked to be checked again. I had only dilated an additional .5cm in this time.

It was then that they suggested the drip. They started me on the drip. My surges remained tough, with next to no breaks in between (I guess this is the joy of induction). I agreed to the drip and asked for the gas at this stage. They also managed to get me the wireless monitoring set. I then laboured in the shower, listening to music, getting into the zone for 6 more hours. (I looked very pruney)

At this point they requested they check me. I was absolutely exhausted by this point and I agreed. I had only dilated to a 4 over the course of the night. This is when they turned up the drip.

20 minutes into the drip being turned up I felt like I couldn’t take it. Surges were intense. My body wasn’t coping and my mind wasn’t able to get back into my zone. I began thrashing, yelling and I felt I couldn’t do it anymore. This was very different to how I was presenting and coping for the labour time previous to this.

At this point I requested the epidural. I was given the epidural at around 5am (20ish hours into labour). This was challenging as my surges felt that were too much to handle. I had to remain still and I couldn’t control my body. I was checked immediately after the epidural was administered and it was discovered I was at a 10. (It was frustrating because in hindsight, I had gone through so much and almost made it without the one thing I really didn’t want). The midwives looking back said that I was likely transitioning right before the epidural was administered. I don’t regret my decision to get the epidural at all though. The anaesthetist gave me the smallest dose he could. I could still move my legs and feel my surges- it just took the edge off. Because I could still feel my surges and move my legs, I was able to use my J breathing. They tried to get me to hold my breath and scrunch my head but I trusted my hypnobirthing training. Politely declined and breathed down. I had one small graze and no tearing. Lucas’ heart rate was beautiful the entire stage 2 of labour. I pushed for 2 hours and Lucas was born at 7:21am on Tuesday December 5th. A healthy 3.32kg (so much for small). The midwives said I breathed my baby out with an epidural which was something they don’t see often. They mentioned that as a first time mum and with the interventions I had over the 3 days, that it was one of the best labours and birth efforts they’ve seen.

To be honest, it wasn’t what I hoped for going into it. I knew the induction would likely end that way. My body clearly wasn’t ready to go into labour and I really felt that to my core going in. I don’t regret doing the induction though because hindsight is a wonderful thing- I made my peace with it. I don’t feel traumatised from the experience but it was definitely tough. I don’t think I would have come out the other side so positively without my hypnobirthing techniques. Thank you for empowering both John and myself. John felt confident to tell the hospital what I needed and when. He was also a great support (and continues to protect our cave).

I think it’s important that you let people know in your course that IF your labour does end up in an induction that hypnobirthing techniques can and are still incredibly useful to manage the experience.”