Sharni’s Birth Story


“After 1 vaginal delivery & two previous c-sections, I was planning my VBAC2C.

At 40 weeks I started to lose my mucus plug, and at 40+ 2 days I woke up at around 2:30 am with some surges that were coming & going very infrequent but enough for me to get up to start some movement & distract myself. Unsure if it was really happening or not, I decided to heat up my heat pack & sit on my birth ball in the kitchen. The surges went for a couple of hours and at around 4:30 am I went back to bed as they had seemed to stop and I wanted some rest! At 6am I woke to the surges again and they became more frequent so I decided to start 

timing them to get an idea of how far apart they were… still all over the place I really had no idea if this was the real thing or not even when I started to need to breathe through them. I think at about 7am I started to come to terms with it being real and as my fiancé woke we decided he wouldn’t go to work and we would set up my birth space. This included putting the tens machine on, setting the speaker up with music, eating a piece of toast, getting my water & birthing ball down stairs where I felt most comfortable.

Our two children soon woke to start their morning & sat with me through the surges which was just beautiful, my daughter rubbing my back made all the emotions come flooding in.

The surges were 4 minutes apart at this point but also felt like I was managing (just). 

My waters started to leak slowly and were a yellow/green colour so I called my mum asked her to come over and have a look & we decided to call the hospital as I knew it was a sign bub had poo’ed inside.

They recommended we come in which we agreed, my mum stayed with the kids until she was able to leave and come to the hospital to support us also. 

I really didn’t like the idea of having to get in the car as right before leaving surges really ramped up and all the way to the hospital went from 3 minutes apart to every 1 minute, I was feeling a lot of pressure & had no idea I was well & truly in transition! All of a sudden I felt an urge to push, my partner had just pulled into the emergency parking as I felt bubs crowning he ran inside screamed for the first person he could find which happened to be an off duty midwife!

She came running to the front seat of our car, instantly held my hand a reassured me she was here for me & that I could do this. 

My body continued to push on its own the pain & the pressure was so intense, but also it was a huge relief guiding those surges down. At this point, I still had my pants on & my tens machine on, as well as being on all fours with the seat reclined – it was all happening! Before I knew it there was a huge team of people beside me who managed to convince me to turn onto my bum get my pants off & 4 pushes later, out come our beautiful daughter. She came straight up & onto my chest, dad cut the cord & announced her gender all while still in the front seat of our car!

Bubs was beautiful & pink I went into shock but oh so empowered as to what I just achieved. There just aren’t any words & what a story to tell!

I was still having surges as the placenta needed to be delivered, so I was put into a wheelchair and taken up to birth suite to birth the placenta & have some quality family time with our new daughter 🙂 I was assessed and only had 2 small grazes with no stitches needed, honestly what a dream I truly felt on cloud nine.

We left the hospital that same day to come home as a new family. 

I’ve never experienced this side of postpartum, I feel amazing & I am so grateful I followed my intuition & went for the birth I know my body could achieve. Thank you Bec for your program – I found my voice & together my partner & I felt confident in letting my body & mind birth our last baby into the world.

We are so grateful for you & your empowerment to great hypnobirths.”


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