Unmedicated Induction Birth

“Approaching the 3rd trimester mark of my pregnancy we had experienced a lot of concerns with the growth and weight of our little girl and there was an uncertainty that she would be coming prematurely. We were very lucky that she was able to get to the 38 weeks and an induction date was booked.”


“Having the HypnoBirthing classes each week really helped get our heads around having to have the medical intervention but to feel informed going into the induction of what was to happen and that we still had choices and could speak up.

The morning of my induction – knowing today was the day I would meet my daughter – was truly the most empowering day of my life, I just wanted to get into that birthing suite and get it all started, I couldn’t wait to have her in my arms.

The midwives were wonderful in asking Callum and I what our preferences were with the birth and birthing environment. But once it all got started I didn’t have much time!

With the breathing techniques and visualization taught in our classes I was able to close my eyes, listen to some music in my AirPods and let my body take over to do what it naturally new it needed to do.

Within 2.5 hours our girl was here!!

1st stage: 1 hour
2nd stage 54 minutes
3rd/Active stage: 11 minutes

Callum and I couldn’t have been happier with our experience. I truly couldn’t have done it without him by my side reminding me to keep breathing.

I am still in awe of what my body has achieved!

20/3/21 we welcomed our girl Richie Isla Beattie
Born 38weeks +1 via induction.

As told by mum, Dana


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