What is HypnoBirthing®?

The HypnoBirthing® Program is a form of childbirth education, with its philosophy and techniques supporting women to birth their baby in an atmosphere of gentility, calm and joy.

HypnoBirthing® allows you to combat your fear, to go into your birth with confidence, and to develop skills and strategies to cope with this intense experience. The goal of HypnoBirthing is to reduce the prevalence of traumatic births and to support you and your partner to have a positive birth experience.

The HypnoBirthing Course teaches you a range of strategies that will support you to achieve a more calm and comfortable birth, along with a huge wealth of knowledge that allows you to feel confident, empowered and in control during your birth.

By ensuring you have a a positive birth experience, you set yourself up to develop a healthy attachment with your baby. You also position yourself for positive mental health and wellbeing throughout the postnatal period. Did you know that 1 in 7 women experience postnatal depression, and 1 in 4  women experience postnatal anxiety?

If a woman is prepared, confident and calm she can birth her baby in an easier, more comfortable (and potentially pain free) way. Birth is normal, natural and healthy… it’s not a medical event and doesn’t need to be treated as such. The HypnoBirthing® Program covers a range of techniques to support women through their labour, including deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, affirmations, visualisations and education.

Through attending a HypnoBirthing Program to prepare for the birth of your beautiful baby, you will: 

  • Lose your fear of birth
  • Gain a new confidence in yourself and your body
  • Learn techniques that will enable you to be calm and more comfortable in birth
  • Understand and trust in your body and your maternal instincts
  • Enhance your connection and bond deeply with your baby and partner
  • Feel totally empowered

HypnoBirthing is not just about the woman, it is also about her partner… and they play such an integral role throughout the birthing experience. Often partners can feel extremely lost and scared during the birth of their baby, wishing they knew how to support or help their partner cope with such an intense experience.

Through the HypnoBirthing Program, partners will: 

  • Learn techniques to support mum during labour, which makes him feel confident and useful
  • Help mum condition her mind to relax in response to his prompts and touch
  • Learn to be the advocate, spokesperson and guide to lead birth in the direction that you and your partner choose
  • Enhance your connection and bond deeply with your baby and partner