To all of the pregnant mama’s out there… The Mindful Birth Movement would love to support you to achieve the birth of your dreams. We want to see you let go of any fears or reservations you might have about giving birth, and help you to develop confidence and trust in your bodies ability to birth your baby. We want to share this journey with you, and watch you grow to be a powerful, strong and empowered birthing woman.

If you would like to learn more about what HypnoBirthing is all about, come along to our free HypnoBirthing Information Session.

This is session is perfect for you if:

  • You are planning to get pregnant, or already pregnant
  • If this is your first birth, OR second/third/fourth
  • If you previously had a traumatic birth and want things to be different next time
  • Women who would like a VBAC
  • Partners who would like to know how to be an awesome birth support

What the session includes:

  • An introduction to HypnoBirthing and an overview of the full 5-week program
  • 5 secrets to achieving a positive birth
  • An opportunity to view a beautiful HypnoBirthing birth video
  • Connection and discussion with other women who are on the same journey
  • A goody bag

“I went and saw this incredible lady present last night on HypnoBirthing. If you are pregnant or know someone who is, it is so so worth getting in contact with Bec and discussing the course she offers. She is so professional, enthusiastic, relatable and a mum and has been through the whole experience herself. After attending her info session I feel much less daunted about labour myself and I know once I have completed her course I will be feeling even better.” – Tess Fowkes

How do I sign up?

The next Information Session – TBC