About Rebecca Black

Rebecca is the founder and director of The Mindful Birth Movement. She is a passionate psychologist with a wide range of experience working with clients at an individual, group and organisational level. Rebecca provides individual counselling to clients of varying backgrounds and presenting issues, including concerns related to anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, stress, relationship and family issues, and more.

After having her own child, Rebecca discovered her passion for pregnancy, birth and babies… and has a special interest in supporting women throughout their perinatal journey. Rebecca appreciates the range of difficulties that women can experience in relation to conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood, and believes that having the support of a warm, non-judgmental and compassionate person can make a significant difference.

As a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Rebecca loves supporting women to prepare for their birth experience. She believes that when a woman goes into her birth feeling empowered, confident and knowledgable, she is more likely to achieve a positive birth experience. For Rebecca, HypnoBirthing isn’t just about preparing for your birthing day, it is a program that can support you to stay calm during your pregnancy and into motherhood.

About Steph Cerquarelli

Steph is a mother of 2 boys, a wife, a business partner and has a passion for all things pregnancy & birth. She followed this passion which led her to become a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, and now she can support other women to achieve incredible birth experiences like she did.

Her 3 year journey to becoming a mother came with a few hurdles, including infertility & a miscarriage, but these all enabled her to gain a strong understanding and appreciation for the mental, emotional & physical efforts the body can go through to become a mother. Steph prepared her mind and body for her first birth experience, practicing breathing techniques, relaxation and listening to calming music to allow her body to become familiar with the calm and relaxed nature she wanted to bring to her labour and birth. All of her preparation supported her to have a beautiful, natural birth experience. She trusted her body and arrived at the hospital fully dilated, ready to welcome her baby into the world.

Knowing how amazing & empowered she felt after her first birth, Steph prepared the same way for her second labour and birth. She had an epic second birth experience – when things progressed quickly, Steph and her husband worked together and birthed their baby boy Tanner safely and calmly in their car on the way to hospital.

Steph is a birthing goddess, and has such an intimate understanding of the birth process and what a woman needs to do to prepare for the most amazing day of her life. She loves supporting women on this beautiful journey and teaches HypnoBirthing with passion and deep knowledge from her own personal experiences.