One of my favourite births…

This beautiful mumma holds a special place in my heart, and she had the most wonderful birth experience. Despite being faced with a number of special circumstances during her pregnancy, including GD, other health concerns and a necessary induction, she was able to implement everything she learned in the HypnoBirthing Program to have an amazing birth…

“Hi Bec, so happy to let you know that Aurora Grace Rodgers joined us on Sunday afternoon. We decided to go ahead with the induction, started with the balloon on Saturday evening & then took our time to consider each next step on Sunday morning, giving my body time with each step & asking questions before deciding on the next. 

From the start to having her in my arms it was 6 hours and they said “active labour” of 2 hours, on our write up of the birth it said 33 minutes of pushing. It was only a short number of birth breaths, I was looking at my affirmations on the wall and the opening blossom visual, while Andy reminded me of the “coffee plunger” and helped me breathe her out… the most amazing experience feeling her come down and letting my body bring her to us. Gah, so many emotions.

In my birth notes, under pain relief it said “relaxation”, which made me giggle seeing that on a hospital report. I did have a moment when I was going through the pain relief options in my mind, thinking okay maybe I need something and that’s okay… but it wasn’t long after that that she was here. I guess that’s the moment where you feel like you can’t go on but it’s all about to happen! Andy said he noticed the lull during the labour and he thought it wouldn’t be long because he remembered from the HypnoBirthing that there is that time of rest before needing to continue. He really took in so much from the sessions and it just made the whole experience, our experience, not just mine. He was a part of everything and by my side the whole time.

The support from the midwives while we stayed in two nights was invaluable and we are now home, soaking up this blurry newborn bubble and getting to know each other. 
I am so very grateful for your role in helping us have such a beautiful birth that we feel so happy and proud of.

It just blows my mind, after so much fear and anxiety, how even though we decided on certain interventions and I’m still processing the emotions of that, it just went so smoothly and I get so emotional at how extremely loved and supported I felt. Even little things like the random songs playing on my iPod when she came out.. The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” was playing as her head came out and Aurora means goddess of dawn. Then as she came out and onto my chest, our wedding song was playing.. and the playlist was on shuffle! Like how is that real? ❤️

The whole experience was amazing for both of us & we felt so seen & respected throughout. What we learnt with you helped us remain calm & strong in our choices each step of the way. Andy was incredible! Everything we learned gave him the knowledge & confidence to instinctively know how to support & calm me the whole time. We were such a team, I’m so proud & I’m so grateful to you for your support.

The midwives were amazed how quickly & peacefully she arrived… I remember hearing one midwife say to a doctor that I “HypnoBirthed the baby out”. That was a proud moment 💜

I am so very grateful for your role in helping us have such a beautiful birth that we feel so happy and proud of!”

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